I can understand why many scam

When you see the poverty in their lands

They don’t understand what it does to hearts

When you loved them and thought they loved from the start

What it does to the innocent who really care

When they start to suspect and start to beware

Maybe this person is not loving and true

I do hope that this has not happened to you

You break off all ties because you don’t trust

If you have a doubt to protect you must

You always think but were they real

If it happened to me how would I feel

So many out there have spoilt it for others

For brothers and sister fathers and mothers

My heart still breaks did I make a mistake

I may never know that is something I take

I pray that I haven’t hurt an innocent one

Deprived myself of a special someone

Tears still flow because I may never know

Who they were so my love I could show

All I can hope is that some day

I can see them hold them and I love you can say

I am so sad for those who struggle and strain

To make ends meet and nothing they gain

No one to help them we all think of ourselves

Love from both sides is left on the shelf

We need to think of the other think of their pain

Then only love on earth would reign

I thank you Jesus that your Kingdom has come

That one day we will all be one

No one scamming no one so poor

Because it is Jesus Christ they all adore

No need to worry who are they?

Because all darkness has had it’s day!!