I hold tight to my heart so it won’t get hurt again

but to love again will I refrain?

What would I do if love came along

and that person and I were meant to belong?


Would I keep my heart closed and just pretend

I had no feelings how would that end?

Would I be so sad that I missed a chance

of a special loving romance?


So many questions I don’t have answers for

what If I was meant to love and adore?

What if something so special I missed

would I ever again be kissed?


What if the person was so loving and kind

what if love was on their mind

Would I hurt them because I closed my heart

What if from me they would never part


I don’t know the answer..Father God you do

I will just put all my trust in you

You know my heart and you know theirs

I know you love us that you care.