I’ve been hurt many times

 but I can’t close my heart

To protect myself

I don’t know where to start


I just want to be

 held oh so close

To hear apart from Jesus

 I love you the most


Why is it

 I have such a need?

I know it isn’t

 because of greed


It is just that

my heart overflows

There is love

that has nowhere to go


It can’t be sold

 I need to give it away

To that special someone

who will be here to stay


Why it’s not happened

 I do not know

They will say I love you

 then take and go


Times running out

I am no longer young

Where is he

 that special one


The one who will love me

 right from the start

The one I’ll connect with

 heart to heart


The one who loves Jesus

 more than me

I wonder Lord

where is he?


But then am I meant

 to be always alone

Until that day

you take me home?