Don’t look back to what might have been

we can’t change the past where the heartaches were seen

We need to look forward to what might be

If from the past we need to be free


Free from the pain that can haunt us for years

if we stand still because of fear

Fear of moving into the unknown

if we don’t move on we stand still not grow


We cannot know what the future could hold

Sometimes it pays to be brave and bold

We could stand still but what does that achieve

we feel sad and lonely we cry and grieve


For the things that might have been

when our future beckons come to me

Come and see what you could behold

you don’t need to sit there in the cold


Move on and explore what your life could be

move on and of the past you will be free

Instead it will what is happening now

I think that might be much better somehow


No more being haunted by the ghosts of the past

we might be so happy and find love which will last

We don’t know till we try and move ahead

and make new memories in our future instead!