“Come on confess it’s all your fault”
Words hit my heart like a lightning bolt
Taking away all that was me
Taking away my identity

Many harsh words brought many tears
Feeling useless filled with fear
Not knowing what next I must do
“It wasn’t my fault it’s all about you

I am not guilty that can’t be

I didn’t do it NO not me”

Where did I go in all of this
I don’t recognize me something’s amiss

I just want to love and live in peace
But that hasn’t happened I need release
To be the person I really am
Not roughly treated pressed down by man

I need to rise up on the wings of love
To soar up high like a pure white dove
No longer bound by cruel harsh words
But flying in freedom just like a bird

No longer tormented no longer in pain
But just being me .. me again

Not fighting tears and being brave
Enjoying the life that Father God gave

Enjoying the fullness.. everything
But most of all to worship my King
The King of men the King of hosts
My everything the one I love most!!!