Grandchildren staying overnight

Suddenly I wake with a fright

What’s that beeping sound I can hear?

Some sort of warning I begin to fear

What’s going on what can it be?

While I am searching what do I see

Three ipods sitting on a shelf

How do they work I don’t have one myself?

One of them is making a beeping sound

How do I stop it then I found

The right button to press back to bed I go

Now my cats worried I should have known

Will she want feeding to the kitchen I go

Foods not enough “I want company you know”

She is now wide awake and crying out loud

She is wondering what was making that awful sound

More than two hours passed I am still wide awake

I need to learn about ipods for my own sake

Now when they stay I will check each one

Check ALL the settings every one

No more will I wake in the midst of the night

No more will I suddenly wake with fright!!