Beaten up battered and bruised

I don’t know I am so confused

I don’t know why they don’t understand

I was the one hurt by mans’ hand


They please themselves with whatever they do

but they don’t want love or peace for you

 It is sad but is was not my fault

I was their mother and father too by default


So many years I lived alone

so many tears over the years have flowed

But I have found love now that will always last

I don’t want to think of the hurts of the past


My heart just wishes they would be loving and kind

not just have themselves on their mind

Maybe someday they will come to know

words don’t mean much if love does not show



Maybe someday they will know

and understand

The things that happened

 were not by my hand


It was the hand of others

who had themselves in mind

When they treated us badly

and were so unkind



I did the best the best I could

others did not…when they should

Have put their family first before themselves

Maybe then love would have dwelt



Selfishness ruled

and reigned in their life

 They did not think 

of their children or wife





Too many years

and too many tears

But I am no longer alone

I have no more fears





We are still apart

where are their hearts

All about self

love placed on the shelf?????


They have chosen their own paths

 what about mine

Don’t I deserve to be happy

did I commit some crime???